Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Questions for the Candidates

First, let me thank Blog University for hosting tonight’s debate between presidential candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain.

My first question is for Senator McCain: Please tell me how your presidency will be like George Bush’s and how it will be different. You have five minutes for your answer.

Next, for Senator Obama: I do not understand why Hamas supports you. Please explain why you think they want you to be president of our country. What would they gain? You have two minutes.

Also for Senator Obama: I wonder if the terrorists’ next attack on domestic soil might be your presidency. Take as long as you like to explain your plan to protect America from nonbomb-related tactics of extremist Muslim jihad goals; your understanding of how close Israel is to the heart of God and the role of Israel in end-times prophecy; your reason for believing finding Osama bin Laden is key to stopping al Qaida’s terrorist plots against us; what you would do about the huge number of radical Muslims being trained in the madrassas; and how you would use your own education in Islam, Catholicism, and Christianity to promote understanding and peace.

Senator McCain: You see Israel as a United States military ally. Is that your only reason for wanting to protect it? If not, what are your other reasons? You have two minutes.

Again, for Senator McCain: Please give me the math. Of the 100 percent of income taxes paid in 2007, what percent was paid by people/families earning less than $10,000, people earning $10,000–$30,000, $30,000–$70,000, $70,000–$100,000, $100,000–$250,000, $250,000 or more? You have two minutes.

And finally, the same question for both of you: You acknowledge corporate greed as a culprit in the current economic meltdown; what about individual greed? What role has it played and how would you address it during your presidency?

Thank you!

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