Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Harvest Report

Looks like our 19 tomato plants will produce as least a dozen tomatoes. Gee, the garden is coming along slowly this year. My planting my seedlings late may be the reason the plants are leafing rather than tomato-ing at this point. The sugar snap peas also seemed to sink more energy into vining than pea-ing this year. They were a sweet luxury while they lasted.

Can't complain about the pumpkins though; the elephant-eared leaves snake across our plot as though chasing a mouse AND hover over smooth green globes, soon to wrinkle into orange ribs. Also can't complain about the abundant garlic harvest. I dug up a dozen or so bulbs yesterday and hung them to dry. They should be ready right about the time I collect basil for pesto. Yum. Our beets are sweet with striped flesh as luscious to roll on the tongue as their name: chioggia.

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