Saturday, November 7, 2009

Who Ya Gonna Call?

I first encountered the "community stylus" at a Walgreens pharmacy counter. I prefer swiping my credit card through the brown magic box, then signing a paper receipt with my own pen. But that day when the pharmacist pointed to the little Etch-A-Sketch screen on which only their stylus would write, I thought eeuuww. Every hand that has signed with this stylus belonged to a sick person. What is Walgreens thinking???

Now the community stylus is everywhere. Okay, I'm used to it now, and it's no big deal. Except these days every newspaper contains at least one article about flu AND H1N1 flu. Newscasters yammer on about flu pandemic. Most grocery stores provide antibacterial wipes for the handle of your cart, though I've yet to use one. We commonly see people wearing surgical masks in stores. I have no idea if it's because they don't want to infect others or don't want to become infected themselves. But seeing a mask on the person who precedes me through the checkout line makes me wonder if after using the same stylus, I will be moaning like the Ghostbusters, "I've been slimed." Then, who ya gonna call?

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tandemingtroll said...

If we really thought about all the germs with which we come in contact, we would all be living the Howard Hughes lifestyle, LOL.

The problem that I have with the community stylus is that oftentimes, the store is VERY slow to repair or replace bad screens. The result is that your signature on the screen looks nothing like your written signature. There is one store where the screen turns my signature into one big blob. If there is ever a dispute, I can, in total honesty, say, "No, that is not my signature." I wonder if stores are thinking about that?