Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last Few Hours in Florida

Atlantic breakers swoosh rhythmically a few hundred yards from our door. We've walked this beach enough that I know these are surfboard-worthy waves crashing into an angled wall of sand. Although not lapping a lullaby, the foamy ebb and flow so relaxes us, using the word "crashing" seems oxymoronic. My husband has just finished fingering his newest shell collection, deciding which to take home. First, though, he chooses the shells that most resemble eyeballs and walks around with them ON his eyes. Ah, yes, the pull of the moon affects more than just tides. I have just closed the cover of The Help, the novel I relaxed with on this vacation.

One thing that has refreshed me has been the profusion of palm trees and flowers. Today we took some photos of some as we walked down to a river to watch the sun set.


Carol said...

I find peace in the rhythm of the waves too--it is soothing to walk the beach.
The pictures are beautiful!!

Michelle Van Loon said...

How did you like The Help?