Thursday, November 11, 2010

One wheel or two?

To show His sense of humor ~ or maybe divine justice ~ God brought my niece and her unicycle to a family party Sunday. Why is this funny, or my just desserts? My talk at the women’s retreat used a unicycle metaphor throughout. What if the person you’re in relationship with won’t pedal his or her half of the tandem you’re supposed to be riding together? You learn to ride a unicycle!

I built a scriptural case for seeing your bondage to expectations that the other person pedal. Learning to ride a unicycle is—
  • wanting freedom from this bondage,
  • knowing Jesus is your only hope,
  • keeping your eyes on the Lord,
  • standing firm as the Lord fights for your deliverance
It’s a new habit, much like learning to ride a unicycle would be, I confidently proclaimed, though I had never tried this myself. (In my defense, I will say I spoke from experience in the figurative sense, the spiritual unicycle riding. And I interviewed a local guy who rides his unicycle 40 miles a day around here to get an idea of how he learned.)

Little did I know then that my niece has been proficient on the unicycle since 4th grade and that she’d treat us to a “performance” that even included tricks ~ and that we’d all get to try riding the confounded thing. Shall I just say, “Laughter ensued”? If I can upload the video some kind family member took of me, I’ll do so to share the laughs with you. And then I plan to keep my mouth shut about skills I clearly don’t possess.  


Michelle Van Loon said...

I can't wait to see the video! :)

Mary said...

I'd LOVE to read or hear more about the "Lesson" you gave on the topic of doing life "solo" in a marriage of two! Oh yes, and I'm also looking forward to clicking on the next blog to see your video!
:o) Hugs to you!