Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bright Sides of Dark Clouds

Rain, rain, and more rain. For months. Right now, I am so sick of frizzy hair, I am ready to cut most of it off. And that’s a good thing, because unwelcome, unwieldy volume up top has provided clear impetus for me to get a fresh, new hairstyle, something I’m normally tortuously slow to decide. It’s either a new do SOON, or I remove all the mirrors in the house. For the first time in six decades, I actually bought a hairstyle magazine and plan to experiment a bit.

Another upside of all the rain is that our gardens are getting watered without our having to stand out in sweltering humidity with a hose. My herbs are doing especially well, which has prompted me to dry and mix my own herbes de Provence. This is exciting, because I am not a fan of rosemary. Oh, the taste is okay, but the mouth feel, even when rosemary is chopped fine, is like chewing pine needles. Have you ever tried buying a commercial herbes de Provence blend without rosemary? If you find one, please let me know the brand. In the meantime, I’m concocting my own blend. This morning I sniffed what I’ve got so far. The lively, lovely fragrance transported me to an outdoor café in Fontaine de Vaucluse when I got my first whiff of a salade Niçoise.

Months of rain—and weeks of 90+ temps with humidity that might as well be rain—have inspired yet another benefit. What’s the coolest spot in the house? The basement. And we’re cleaning it. Whoohoo!

Rain, rain, don’t go away until I’ve finished finding silver linings!


tandemingtroll said...

Love it! After living in the desert for two years, I LOVE the rain. Dust storms make everything extra dirty, especially the air. Rain cleans the streets takes more of the dust out of the air and cools things down a smidge. Unfortunately, the storms have been avoiding my town. They go north and south of us. I see beautiful lightning all around, but hardly ever a drop falls on me. It rained last night, though. Yay!

Bethany said...

You don't like rosemary?! I did not know this about you! One of my favorite dishes in the whole world is roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, and beets with rosemary and olive oil. Like candy!