Tuesday, March 20, 2012

God and Organic Eggs

Like a kid on Christmas morning, I raced down the stairs as soon as I awoke this morning. The downstairs attraction was not shiny packages though, rather a simple brown ellipse—an organic egg. What’s the big deal about a brown egg? I haven’t tasted a delicious egg in a long time. This morning I truly savored breakfast.

We are blessed to live in a subdivision that includes an organic farm with chickens and neighborhood children (Henhouse Helpers) who collect, wash, and box eggs for sale. In the ten years we’ve lived here, I’ve often bought the organic eggs to support the farm, so I know they taste fresh and well, eggy. But for various reasons, I hadn’t bought them in more than a year. Instead, I’d bought the cheapest eggs at the grocery store. They have NO taste. My only satisfaction was that the eggs were protein. I couldn’t stand the breakfast blahs any longer, so yesterday I walked up to the farm and paid $5 for a dozen organic eggs laid by happy hens that morning. It was worth it.

Sunday at our church’s annual meeting, we learned our leadership team is hungry for more of the Holy Spirit in our church and community. I’m excited about this, because well, the Holy Spirit is exciting. Not just as the manifestation of God’s awesome power in miracles, but especially in whispered wisdom and comforting caresses in daily decisions and sorrows. When God wants to lead us into a faith adventure, He sends His Spirit. God’s Spirit has been more evident in some periods of my life than in others, so I’ve tasted of the Lord’s vivid presence and miss it when He chooses to be quiet or when I’m not paying the price.

The price? Just like organic eggs, cutting-edge Christianity costs more than the blah kind where you say at least you go to church and eat your protein. Just before the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus and a voice from heaven said, “You are my son, whom I love; with you I am well-pleased,” John the Baptist urged, “Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.” A practical example is how Dr. Gary Chapman begins in The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted. He urges us to take step number one: Confess how we’ve sinned in our marriage. If we’re going to let the Holy Spirit lift up the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in our marriage, workplace, family, neighborhood, or church, one cost we need to pay up-front is repentance. That may sting even more than paying $5 for organic eggs, but it will stimulate our taste buds for more of the Lord’s presence, will, loving laws, lessons, growth, and faith adventures. And it will be worth it.

… Prepare the way for the Lord ... Luke 3:4
… Taste and see that the Lord is good … Psalm 34:8


Michelle Van Loon said...


I thought you were going to talk about breakfast, and you did - then flipped it to talk about something eternal, necessary and completely un-manufacturable (not a word, I know.)

Come, Holy Spirit.

Charlotte said...

Jane-We have organic eggs in our grocery store but frankly I can't tell the difference. Maybe it's the fresh off the farm experience that makes a difference.

Your Valentine Day Card post touched my heart. I've been there and done that. Let me know how your Mom doing and if she out of ICU?

Sending you a great big hug,

AquaJane said...

Thank you for that great big hug, Charlotte! My mom is home and feeling stronger after her post-ICU rehab. I've also noticed not much taste difference with store-bought organic eggs. And thanks for your comment on the Valentine's Day post. Blessings to you.