Saturday, September 15, 2012



A big pink-and-purple Thumbs-Up to green thumbs in Victoria, British Columbia, for creating cascades of color throughout the city. Green thumbs at The Butchart Gardens, just north of Victoria, are in a whole other category of thumb-dom. They plant with Monet’s eye for layered beauty, paint with Van Gogh’s vibrant palette, and weed with Disney’s magic wand.

And a flesh-toned Thumbs-Up to twenty-somethings who text with thumbs speedy enough to rival Google on steroids and Red Bull. While we scrolled through a college student’s Facebook photos of Paris, questions and commentary flowed at a fast pace. Every time I looked over at our “tour guide,” her thumbs seemed to be vibrating over her smartphone screen. She answered our questions the moment we asked them by looking them up on the phone, and she didn’t miss a beat!

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Marlene said...

Jane,I love your new site design! The photos in this post were beautiful, I have made a mental note to visit Victoria at some point in the future!