Monday, February 11, 2013



Walking Florida neighborhoods, I notice sky-high Norfolk Island Pines and huge hedges of Schefflera and blooming Hibiscus, and it occurs to me these are houseplants in northern Illinois. We buy them in the grocery store in 4-inch pots, plunk them on a windowsill, and hope they reach 3 feet tall at most. By domesticating and removing them to unnatural environments, we limit their ability to flourish. The upside is that even with snow, ice, and sleet outside, we get to enjoy these beautiful tropical plants inside.

I cannot help but wonder in what milieu a person thrives best. Doing what I do every day, will I shoot sky-high or brighten my world with blossoms—or will I sit on a windowsill straining for enough sun to survive? I don’t have an answer, but I can think of a few related questions:

  • In what areas of my life (work, relationships, hobbies, service) do I feel I’m exuberantly growing?
  • In what areas do I feel like a houseplant?
  • Does the adage “Bloom where you are planted” apply here?
  • Do I need to reassess priorities?
  • Have I asked God what He wants in each new day?
  • Am I really living the truth that my time, talents, and treasures are His?
Can you think of other questions to ask?

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