Thursday, February 19, 2015

Good job!

The white-uniformed Navy honor guard played “Taps” alongside Dad’s newly dug grave. Then a Navy officer bowed to each person in our family, one by one, to express his sadness for our loss. When this touching ceremony was over and we were still dabbing tears, my sister chirped to the officer, “If Dad were here, he would tell you, ‘Good job!’” Oh so true. Dad was the consummate encourager.

Recently, our bible study facilitator finished leading us through a pivotal agenda regarding the group’s future. He had elicited our honesty, opinions, and ideas so efficiently, I was profoundly impressed. And surprised to hear a hearty “Good job!” pop out of my mouth. Dad! Oh, Dad. Thank you for your example all my life.

I’ve wondered what of my father’s admirable qualities might be hiding in me. Math whiz—nope, never that. Linguistic acrobat—lover of words, yes, punster, no. Tennis phenom—once upon a time, but arthritic knees have nixed that inherited hobby. So how do I follow in my father’s footsteps? What am I left with? I have his explosive sneeze? Oh, puleeze, tell me there’s more. Well, maybe I can say “Good job!” more often. The other day, my husband said, “Good job” to our airplane pilot as we exited the plane. The man beamed. Yep. Encouragement makes a difference.


tandemingtroll said...

Hugs to you for the loss of your dad and prayers for you and your family as you learn to adjust. "Keep up the good work" is how my husband's grandmother used to end her letters as an encouragement. I try to do the same.

Jane Hoppe said...

Thanks, Kris. "Keep up the good work" gives a boost, too.