Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Omelettes ~ Again

Saturday omelettes. Sunday omelettes. Monday omelettes. I'm practicing. And cleaning yellow puddles off the stove.

Julia's shake-shake-shake motion reminded me of popping corn. Today I had better success with a shake-shake-roll motion, which coated the sides of the pan. Covering more of the pan's surface allowed more of the egg to cook. The jerk at the end needs to fold the omelette onto itself. I didn't quite accomplish that, but today's omelette was lighter and fluffier than my weekend ones.

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Charlotte said...

The hardest part about making a omelets has to be flipping them. Twenty years ago my Mom purchased a omelet pan that's shaped like a pie wedge with a lid that closed. Inside the pan it's coated with teflon. My Dad found it in the attic a few years ago and started cooking with it. He loves making breakfast with his favorite new kitchen gadget that's actually 20 years old.

I'm sure that Julia wouldn't agreed with my Dad's omelet pan but hey he's happy!

As for me I once read that the secret to working with eggs is make sure to use lots and lots and lots of butter. But then butter will make anything better only I'm just not so sure that my heart would agree.

I enjoyed reading about your first speaking engagement at Church. Blessings for a wonderful Sunday!