Saturday, January 2, 2010


Just a few little chuckles on topics neither here nor there ...

The week before Christmas I caught an intestinal flu bug ~ from my doctor.

We're considering trying a new cuisine, so I looked it up online: chiaroscuro. Turns out chiaroscuro is not a cuisine; it's a painting technique that creates dramatic contrasts of darks and lights, made famous by Caravaggio, a painter I just learned about the other day at The Art Institute. It's churrasco that refers to the Brazilian gauchos' barbecued meats, so the place we need to find is a local
churrascaria. Hope the food is as much fun to eat as the words are to say.

My husband lasted one week on Facebook. He wanted to know what social networking was all about and to view his brother's vacation photos, so he registered. Immediately, a dozen potential friends popped onto the screen. He wasn't sure which was scarier, that Facebook proposed people he's friends with in real life or that Facebook proposed their friends to him. Then people he hadn't talked with in years sent him messages on Facebook. Every day, Facebook proposed more friends. He "friended" a few folks. My husband then poked around Facebook's links in order to grasp the realities of social networking. He looked at his brother's photos but decided the rest was just way too time-consuming. So yesterday he "unfriended" everyone and set the tightest privacy setting. He whirled around from his computer screen and triumphantly announced, "There! I've set it so that no one can talk to me and I can only talk to myself." LOL

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tandemingtroll said...

I love your story about how you mixed up the words! Eric wants to try one of those restaurants sometime, too. Let me know how you like it.