Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Murphy's Law

Two weeks ago, Murphy's Law popped in to say hello. Our microwave and garbage disposer conked out the same week a mysterious water mark seeped across our dining room ceiling. I'm sure these things were unrelated to the almost-flat tire and two feet of snow, which happened last week ~ and the two family surgeries and one emergency room visit, which happened three weeks ago.

The microwave breakdown was by far the most annoying part of our Murphy's Law week. Five times daily I caught myself preparing to zap a dish of butter or noodles or leftover-something-else. Then I'd turn on the real oven instead or pull out a pot to cook stovetop. What I never thought I'd get used to, guess what ~ I not only got used to, but I also found the food more flavorful. Today a new microwave oven is available in my kitchen. Yes, I will use it. Often. But I will think twice about how nice the old-fashioned ways are. And I probably won't be sending Murphy a thank-you note for his visit, since his other "hostess gifts" have not yet been resolved.

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