Monday, April 25, 2011


A bit of Easter whimsy …

Yellow made a sunny splash yesterday. Though pink and aqua finery flitted about our church lobby,  yellows fluttered their feathers in much greater numbers. Not pale Easter-chick-yellow either. Bright yellow finch-yellow. Ruffly, flouncy, daffodil-yellow. Not a few buttercream-yellow rose petals dabbled into a multicolored flowered dress. Solid neon-dandelion-yellow skirts shouted, “Get lost, Winter; new life has arrived!”

Among folks dining at an Easter brunch, I noticed the same flaming-sun fashion theme, right down to the egg-yolk-colored bubble gum popped by a young girl goofily jerking toward the dessert table on the heels of her black-patent-leather-mary-janes. Between church and brunch, I saw only one Easter bonnet. A slim sophisticate balanced a stunning black, wide-brimmed, veiled hat as she regally fingered a chocolate-covered strawberry. This would-be Aurora apparently didn’t get the memo: Yellow is the new black.


tandemingtroll said...

God really likes yellow in the desert. The Palo Verde trees are bursting with yellow blossoms, the mesquite trees have yellow puffballs, which will turn to white puffballs and there are yellow flowers all around. The yellow is the vibrant yellow, just like the dresses you described. It is a cheery, welcome change from sage green/gray green and variations of brown ;-).

AquaJane said...

Here, too, actually, Kris. Since I wrote that post about noticing so much yellow clothing, I've noticed just about everything that's blooming right now ~ forsythia, daffodils, even weeping willow buds ~ are yellow.