Thursday, January 26, 2017

Stories and Dreams, La La Land and A Lowcountry Heart

Recently saw the movie La La Land and read A Lowcountry Heart, a posthumous collection of Pat Conroy’s journal entries and speeches.
City of Dreams … Actually, the La La Land song is City of Stars, but it’s playing in my head as City of Dreams. Mia and Sebastian argue about when to give up their dreams, when and why to hang on to their dreams. She challenges him as he embarks on a jazz tour with The Messengers: What about your dream of your own club, Seb’s? He challenges her to go to one more acting audition when she is convinced she just isn’t good enough.

Pat Conroy—I mean, Pat Conroy, for pete’s sake—writes wondering, even doubting, anyone will read his writing. But it’s in him; he wants to get it out there. He asks people he meets at his book signings for their stories. And they tell him their stories.

In La La Land Sebastian reminds Mia she is a storyteller. In her pivotal audition they ask her to tell a story.

If someone asked me to tell my story, what would it be? At a book signing, no less—I’d have to tell my story in only a minute or two. If someone asked you to tell him your story, what would it be? And, setbacks aside, what dreams do you still hold close to your heart?

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