Wednesday, August 26, 2009

J+J Squared

Yep, saw Julie and Julia movie again. Can't believe how "new" it seemed. Of course I remembered the basic story from two-and-a-half weeks ago when I first saw it. But I had forgotten fun moments, like the red-and-white sight of raspberry Bavarian creme swirling in a bowl, like Julia thoroughly charming and being charmed by French market vendors, like the various Valentine postcards Julia and Paul sent, like loving toasts to supportive spouses in both stories.

Even having watched the REAL French Chef DVDs of mousse au chocolat and omelettes as recently as last night, I had a little trouble telling whether Julie was watching one of those or a do-over by Meryl Streep for the movie.

I'm not inclined to debone a duck (sorry, Julia and Julie), but omelettes, mousse au chocolat, and raspberry Bavararian creme a la Julia may be calling my name.

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