Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Two, But Who's Counting?

There's something so satisfying about seeing my air-drying mixer bowl and food processor bowl and blades in the sink.

First, I have a sense of accomplishment. Sure, I forgot to add the brown sugar to the applesauce oat muffins, but a little dish of cherry-peach jam at the table will rescue the muffins. They're tasty, otherwise. And sure, I haven't actually baked the broccoli timbale yet since that's for tomorrow's dinner, but Julia Child would have been proud ~ I tasted the mixture as I progressed through her steps, and it is awesome. I spent a fair amount of time in the kitchen, but I did it! I'll be able to feed my hubby a tasty treat. AND, the equipment drying in the sink means I've cleaned up. My mom always said you're not done cooking till you're done cleaning up. Guess I'm done then.

Second, I have a sense of anticipation of the aforementioned timbale a la Julia at tomorrow's dinner.

Third is the satisfaction of addition. I hope I've added something delicious to my repertoire. I'm grateful I can add one more tribute to Julia Child's legacy in my life.

P.S. Two days till opening day for the movie!

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