Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Signs of the Time (Flying)

My wonderful husband planned and brilliantly executed a surprise birthday party for me Sunday. The meal was provided by Le Titi de Paris, which seems to be a frequent mention in this blog. What can I say? Le Titi is always a highlight of life.

The wine, some of the best I've ever tasted, has unfortunately given me a headache. When did that start happening?

In today's paper's birthday column, both Adam Samberg's and Christian Slater's photos appear. Feeling very hip to actually recognize familiar celebrity names in this column, I now feel very unhip to realize I don't know whose picture is who.

Am still chuckling over the stupidest Jim Carrey quip in the movie Yes Man. He's dangling from a bungee cord under a bridge when his cell phone rings. "Oh, just hanging around," he tells the caller. Oh so predictable, oh so lame is what any sharp critic would say. I find this hysterical, however. The older I get, the sillier I like.

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