Saturday, August 8, 2009

J+J+J+J = Joie de Vivre

Judy and Jane enjoyed the much ballyhooed Julie and Julia movie today. The Julia part hit highlights of My Life in France, though the book is well worth reading for the rest of the details. Though I haven't read Julie's blog, I suspect its main points were also well represented in the movie. The acting in all roles was fabulous. Humor and real-life sad/glad/mad/scared moments abounded. People in our theater showing cheered and hooted at several points in the film. And they sat around afterward talking about it, I suspect because they can identify with both Julie and Julia.

The link I was most touched by was both women's perseverance. The movie showed more of Julie's meltdowns, but Julia spent eight years ~ that's EIGHT YEARS ~ creating, testing, typing, mailing, and retesting recipes for a book she envisioned before she knew there'd be an outlet or demand for it. She followed her passion. She didn't just like the idea of sharing French cooking with American cooks, she did what needed to be done to accomplish her dream. And she did it with excellence.

I love Julia Child's elan, panache, joie de vivre.

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